I just wanted to let you know that I taught my first money class last Tuesday and it was great!  Everyone seemed to really appreciate the information and were blown away by the concepts.

It was a great feeling to help people get out of debt and make extra money at the same time.

Michael H. - Oklahoma


aYou will not EVER make $1,000,000 teaching a local "Money
Class" (we should all live so long)

aYou will not EVER make $100,000 teaching a local "Money Class"

aYou'd be hard pressed to make $5,000 per year teaching a
local "Money Class"

a I'd be surprised if you made $3,000 in your first year
teaching a local "Money Class"

Still reading?  Great.  You are the person I want to reach.

Thanks for your interest in "Teach A Money Class For Fun and Profit".  This is going to
be unlike any letter you've ever read, I imagine.

I'm not going to insult your intelligence by promising that you'll make a fortune teaching
a money class.  Hopefully you know me better than that.  

Most people would be very happy to get their car payment paid for each month.  That is very doable.

I'm at a bit of a disadvantage as I write this because I'm not sure the type of person you are.

Are you (A)  the type of person interested in this program because you DO
want to reinforce good money habits in your own life by the  constant focus and repitition of teaching smart money ideas?...and the bonus is that you make some extra money.


Are you (B) the type of person who has long dreamed of developing
an income stream other than the paycheck you get from someone
else?... and you don't really care what the income stream  is, as
long as it makes you money.  

Frankly I'd be surprised if any B's are still reading.  The headline to this
letter probably sent them scurrying to exit this page immediately.

If the A's would be so kind to allow me a few paragraphs to address the B's
I'd really appreciate it. (A's could also skip down to the picture of the

You see, I used to be a B.  A hardcore B.  When I was in high school I bought
some package that would allow me to become a loan broker.  I even filed a DBA
calling my business Eastern Financial Brokerage. This was sometime in '83 or '84.

In 1989 I took the $1000 inherited from my grandmother and invested in a package
that allowed me to sell booklets that gave discounts on record, tape and
CD purchases.  I never made any money but I did get a couple businesses
to put up a display for me.

In 1990 I took a free airline ticket I'd earned and flew to Indiana (exotic, I know)
to investigate a computer company that would set you up in a business earning thousands of dollars a month...AND they'd give you the computer.  Luckily I couldn't come up with the $10K they wanted.

In 1990 I started a business that would distribute door hangers filled with coupons
from local businesses.  I even found a guy to do the deliveries for me.  I actually
got a few advertisers.  As I recall this I'm amazed I got that much done.

In 1991 I started a carpet cleaning business which I ran until 1998.  This was
my first small taste of self-employment "success".

There are a bunch more "opportunities" I took part in all during that time.

Luckily all this happened before the Internet where get rich quick schemes
are far more prevalent and easy to buy.

My point in telling you this story is to tell you that I know where you are coming from.  

Oh, I never had a full-time job or a spouse or kids or a mortgage payment during that time but I do know what it's like to be desperate to control your own destiny.

I learned the "hard" way that before you can make $10,000 per month,
you have to learn how to make $100 a month.

Yeah, it's no fun, the thought of making $100 a month when you need
$10,000 a month to quit your job but you do have to start somewhere.

The only reason you are reading this is because going for the 10K
per month has not worked out for you, right?


I taught my second money class last night and it went very well.  I had fewer people this time, but I really felt like that I connected with them and they seemed to enjoy the information.

Thanks for your program.  It's really making a difference in the lives of my students.

Michael H.

Teaching a money class will give you the experience of running a
successful business and the cost to do this is peanuts compared
to what you've thrown away already.


Who Should Want To Teach A Money Class?

+Anyone who sees the value in teaching what they
most want to learn.  

+Any salesperson including real estate, insurance and
 investment to name a few who are looking for a new 
way to get leads. And don't worry if a
 competitor of 
yours already teaches a class...you can
still teach one
and do it BETTER!

+Any network marketer who doesn't like bothering
 family and friends.  Just about anyone interested 
in taking a class about paying off their debts fast
is a good candidate to learn about ways to make extra

+Any stay-at-home parent who wants to make some extra
 money to help the family  when your spouse gets home.

+Anyone who wants to make an easy, fun and enjoyable
 $100-$500+ per week during the academic year. 

Hey Leo, thought I’d fill you in on my 1st 2 workshops… both held today.
The noon class (about 10 attendees – 6 that had registered, 2 that came back from the morning and 2 that were referred) was also sponsored by the Chamber and was held at a local bank. The bank manager attended both the B2B and then the “full” version. His comment at the end was “when can you do this again”. The bank is promoting this as a value add for their customers. He said they want their customers to know how to properly handle credit, pay their debts responsibly and save their $$. Several people said that the timing of this workshop [given what’s happened to the economy the past 2 weeks] is what was going through their minds and why they signed up for the workshop. 
I spent about $50 for copies and binding workbooks and I burned the CD,s and labeled them myself. Advertising cost zero. I spent about an hour at the copy shop & 3 hours in front of the two groups. So I pocketed about $15 per hour net. But …the backend of this could net several hundred dollars and if I pick up any coaching clients from the contacts I’ve made in this one workshop, it could be worth thousands to me.
I just wanted to fill you in on my 1st 2 workshops and thank you for putting this out there and sharing it with us. It really was fun, and I did make a bit of $$ - just as you promised.

S. Weber

Of course you aren't limited to only teaching in school districts during the school year but these are a great place to get started and get the confidence to branch out to companies, churches and other organizations that have speakers.

So what's in this package?

Glad you asked.

A Quick-Start Guide - Do this, this and that first.  It ensures you'll get  a, uh, well,

a Operations Manual - The core of the "Teach A Money Class For Fun and Profit" course  

"Operations Manual" makes it sound like a huge undertaking.  It's really not.  

1) Get out your phone book and develop a list of local school districts nearby 

2) Contact them to see if they have continuing/adult education programs offering classes like yours.

3) If so, ask about their procedure for choosing new classes.

4) Submit your proposal (it's usually one or two pages)

5) A week before your scheduled class, call the school to see how many are registered

6) Go to the copy shop to get that many (+4 or 5) workbooks copied

7) Make that many debt calculator CDs.  (your own computer will probably do  
     this already.  If you are not sure, find some 15 year old to help.  They can also show you
     how to make nice labels.  I'm serious about this.  Being a successful business person
     means developing new skills.  If you have to learn them from a 12 or 15 year old, SO

8) The night of class, show up, give each student a workbook and CD, teach and collect $20-$30 per person.

9) Repeat steps 5-8 for as many schools/groups as you want.

This nice thing is, after you teach one time, scheduling classes is as easy as picking a date and time.  The program administrator will call or email asking you to pick a date for your class next semester.  It couldn't be easier.

 The manual also includes the text of any letters or emails you may want to send.  (I prefer the

You'll learn what to do if someone is already teaching a class like yours in the district.

Are there any other costs involved?

Other than the cost to contact the schools, which can be FREE if you
use the phone or email, there is no cost to get "customers" aka students.

The schools advertise the classes in their bulletin which is usually
mailed to residents in the district.  You could do more but you don't
have to if you don't want to.

You'll incur some expense to prepare the materials your students
will be buying from you BUT you'll know how many to prepare and you'll
know that for every $3 you put out, you'll get back $20 or $30 from
your students.

Once you get comfortable with this, then you can expand.  Small
successes breed larger and larger successes.

Before you know it, you'll have a successful income stream that
will give you the confidence and resources to develop more
and bigger streams.

It really is all about building your confidence in you.

Hi Leo,
I've been meaning to email you and let you know how my class last Wednesday went...
I introduced myself and told them that I had no fancy letters behind my name, that I was simply someone who had found a great way of getting out of debt, and doing so more quickly than I had expected to be able to. I told them I was nervous and asked if I could sit, so they wouldn't hear my knees knock together. That made them chuckle. And off we went.
I breezed through the presentation (truth be told, I went mostly from the transparencies and had not learned the material as well as I should have or could have). I was finished in a little over an hour.
Anyway, they both said they learned a lot and gave me good feedback.

Thanks for everything.

Here is more of what you will learn...

What to say (and what not to) when contacting schools for  the first time.

Just starting out? Stay away from these schools.

How to design winning course titles.

How to design winning course descriptions. (examples included)

How to teach a class even if public speaking is YOUR #1 fear!

How to benefit from the class even if NO ONE signs up!

How to guarantee you'll make at least $20 on every person  that signs up even if the
         school only charges them $5 to  take the class!

How to make money LONG after the class is over!

How to help the school get the word out about your class...FREE!

How to adapt the program for shorter lengths. (perfect for a lunch time program for a  

3 THE CLASSROOM MANUAL - This manual includes the text of a live class. and the overhead transparencies ready for duplication onto  transparency paper.  You can take the text of the live class and simply read it and you'd have a pretty good and informative class.  

4 OFFLINE duplication rights to the class workbook and the CD which includes debt calculators for both MAC and PCs.  (Value: $970)  Each set of 1 workbook and 1 CD are sold to your students.  You can sell these sets for $20 to $30.  Everyone who takes your class will be required to purchase these materials.  Material Fees are a normal and expected part of continuing/adult education classes.  They shouldn't cost you more than $3 per set to produce locally.  The workbook comes in text format so you can make any changes you desire.

5TWO Powerpoint Presentations.  One is for use with a laptop computer and projector.  (I've never taught a class using a laptop, so you don't have to either) The second Powerpoint is for use with an overhead projector.   You can make additions and changes to the slides. Simply bring the slides, along with transparency paper (available at any office supply store) to a local copy shop and ask them to copy the presentation onto the transparency paper.  Call ahead to the copy shop as they may have the transparency paper in stock.

Each Powerpoint presentation consists of 60 pages.  They provide a nice memory jogger for what you should be saying next in your class.

6 A 45-Minute Audio of me conducting a "Teach A Money Class For Fun and Profit" class.   You also get the transcript of this class.  Use it as it is or as a starting point for developing your own class.  Your class will likely be 90 minutes to two hours....although it can be adapted for 30 minute lunch time programs as well.  Listen to this recording over and over again so the material becomes ingrained.

Your material was very well planned out.  I pretty much followed it the way you had it (but) tweaked it to my personality.  It was very easy to follow and very easy to present.

S Weber

How much does  "Teach A Money Class For Fun and Profit" cost?

The financial world has changed a great deal since this program was first released in June of 2008.  Gas prices took off and the stock market fell.  People have money at the top of their minds now.

In the interest of getting this info out to as many people as possible through new "money teachers",  I've decided to price this program at only $47.  

It's 100% downloadable and you can be getting started within minutes of your investment. 

Make the investment right now by clicking HERE


Obviously my experience teaching a money class comes from the U.S.  I know nothing about your school systems or if they even have adult education programs.  When you invest in this program you will have to make changes to the Powerpoint and the workbook.  

AnnualCreditReport.com and the information on credit reports and scoring will be of little use to any non-U.S. resident.

Having said that, most of the "Teach A Money Class For Fun and Profit" program is relevant to your country...assuming 2+2 = 4. You should add content related to policies and procedures in your country.

My 365 Day Guarantee...

Schedule 3 classes.  Take up to one year to schedule just three.  If you aren't satisfied for any reason after that, return the program and  I'll gladly refund your money.   I don't care if no one shows up and the class gets canceled.  Just send me the class description that was published by the school as proof you did something.


Q. Are you granting exclusive territories to people who invest in this program?

A. No.  Since you are not using my name or class name in anything you do, it doesn't make any sense for me to limit areas.  The program explains how to develop a class description that will be different than any others that may be running in your district.  

And just to clarify, YOU ARE NOT PERMITTED TO USE THE NAME "LEO J QUINN JR" or "HOW TO OWN YOUR PAYCHECK AGAIN!" or any derivative of either in anything you do. YOU ARE NOT PERMITTED TO SELL OR DISTRIBUTE ANY OF THIS MATERIAL VIA THE INTERNET.  (it's nice to have an attorney in the family)

Q. Do I have to follow your class outline exactly?

A. You don't have to follow it at all.  You are your own boss.  You can add to, subtract from or line your bird cage with my class outline.  It's entirely up to you.

Q. How can I give good financial advice without proper training?

A. You can't.  With this program you aren't giving financial advice.  You are a glorified math teacher.  You are showing your students the mathematics of debt (and the damage that math causes).  This disclaimer is included in the workbook and the powerpoints...

"I’m not giving you financial advice tonight.  I’m essentially a math teacher, showing you the mathematics of debt and pointing out the reasons why you should want to get out of debt fast. 

I’m going to give you a lot of good ideas here tonight, and it’s going to be up to you to take those ideas, investigate them further, and see if they’re going to work for you.  And I think you’ll find out that they’ll work very nicely."

Q. I know I won't make a million dollars but how much can I make?

A.  That depends on many factors.  How many schools near you have adult education programs?   How big are the school districts? How does the district advertise the program? What do you do to help the school promote the program?  You get the idea.  There is no set answer.  I average 10-20 people per class.  That works out to $200-$400 per class. You may average more or less.

Q. What happens if a school already has a class like the one I want to teach?

A. Find something else to focus on in your class description.  If the focus of that class is getting out of debt, make your focus improving your credit and the importance of your credit score.   If the focus of that class is improving your credit and the importance of your credit score,  make your focus geting out of debt.

Your actual course content has to change very little if at all.   Only the class description has to be different.

You can also NICHE your class.  "Getting Out of Debt for Single Parent's"  "Getting Out of Debt for Newlyweds" etc etc.  It would obviously help if you were a member of that niche yourself.

Oh, and TAKE the other class to see what it's like.

So there you have it .   Be aware...most of your local schools are at this very moment planning their schedules for the next term.  

Don't delay.  Start changing your life today.

Make the investment right now by clicking HERE

Thank you.



Leo J. Quinn, Jr.

P.S. If you've long dreamed of starting your own business and have been disappointed in the other "opportunities", this is the one for you.  It only takes 3 students paying you the $20 material fee and you've made back your investment.  Any other student from then on is a profit.  And unlike other so called business opportunities, you don't have to advertise to get any customers.  The schools do all the advertising for you...at no charge.

P.P.S. Once you get the program, if you have any questions I'll always be available via email. These classes are really fun to do and the feeling you get from helping people is very gratifying.

I was blown away by the response.  I've never had that kind of response to any of my other workshops.  The timing couldn't be better because of how the economy is.

S. Weber

Make the investment right now by clicking HERE