Who else wants to make some quick and easy money, perhaps a $1,000.00 a day too?

Ads like these are used everyday by people wanting to sell their "stuff", or chattel.

and you can often find stuff that is absolutely FREE too, like this recent ad on Craigslist:

Whether you need a very quick 100 bucks
or want to make up to a

$1,000.00 a day...or more...

Without a job.

Without a business.

Without any hassle.

You've found the right place...at the right time: Right NOW!

And you'll learn how to get started with as little as a 5 dollar bill!

Before you go any further, quickly scan the yellow boxes and see the REAL DEALS made by REAL PEOPLE And there is no reason you can’t add your name to the list TODAY.

Like Anthony B. of CA who bought a bass fishing boat on Thursday for 1500 dollars and sold it on Sunday for $3,000.00 for a $1500.00 profit for a few hours of FUN.

OR Mike B. in AZ who bought some HAM (amateur) radio equipment at an estate sale and made a quick THOUSAND DOLLAR PROFIT for a few hours doing what he loves.

OR James Jones of Charlotte who bought a bike at a garage sale for 20 dollars and sold it on his way home for 60 bucks to a bike shop. $40.00 profit for a few minutes of driving around. That's like getting a free tank of gas.  

You could easily and quickly make $200.00, $400.00 and even

$1,000.00 a day OR MORE

by buying and selling personal and corporate property,
legally known as CHATTEL.

Like this boat:

OR This Bike: 


Todd S. of AZ bought a Master Replica lightsaber for 40 dollars and sold it with a FREE ad for $75.00

Mary E. bought a new freezer for 135 bux, used it two years and sold it (in two hours) for $170.00

Alan Bullington of Alabama tore apart an old used Mark V Shopsmith and "parted it out" for over $2,000.00 which is an insider secret of Chatteling you'll learn too.

Millard G. of MO has BARTERED for thousands of dollars worth of goods and services and there is a whole section on BARTER in the GUIDE

The Beginner's New GUIDE to Chatteling
 is a work that you can instantly download and begin using NOW, even if you know nothing about Chatteling

Chattel is the legal definition of personal and/or corporate property and Chatteling is the buying and selling of personal property for profits. Consider this, the following web sites and off line publications and happenings are all about Chatteling:

eBay--Google Base--Yahoo Classifieds--Ad Post--CRAIGSLIST--Swap Thing--Zillow--Oodle--Judy's Book--edgeio --Windows Live Expo--And many other sites.
Trader Publications--Mini-Merchants--Penny Pinchers--Weekly & Daily  Newspapers--Bulletin Boards--Classifed Ads --Local HOTSHEETS--High School & College Papers.

Garage Sales--Auctions--Estate Sales--Thrift Shops--Consignment Stores--Pawn Shops--Going Out of Business--Closeouts--Storage Unit Abandonment Sales--Government Auctions --Antique Stores--Second Hand Shops.

WHEW! And that only scratches the surface of Chatteling. More sales are made in the real world every week than in an entire year at eBay.

Now do you SEE why buying and selling personal and corporate property can be so dang LUCRATIVE?

Because there is so much money changing hands every hour, it is often referred to as the Second Economy.

From an Internet forum comes this real life story:

I bought the chatteling guide for my son-in-law. But I had to read it first. Great guide.

I don't look for items for sale too often but decided to check my area at craigslist. I saw 2 Delta faucets for sale for $65 each. These were new, left over from a construction job as the person stated. I checked the web and found they sell for new for $138 each.

I wrote back and asked if they would take $80 for both. He wrote back and said $90 and we could meet half way, about 15 miles. Bought them and called a friend that owns a mobile home park.

Ask him if he knew anyone that might want them for half of retail $130 for both. Said he would take them as he uses them for his rental mobile homes. Met with him this afternoon and got the cash in my pocket. Total time for all less then 1/2 hour. profit $40

I am going to have to keep my eyes open for more merchandise in the construction area. I was in the trades and know the prices so I know a bargain when I see one. Why leave this money laying around instead of picking up a quick buck?

Skip Rosell

And you could do like Skip did, day in and day out.

The Beginner's New GUIDE to Chatteling gives you the everything you need to know to get started right now, TODAY, to be getting your share of the Billions of Dollars being swaped for chattel every year. 

        • You don't need a license.
        • You work when you want.
        • You have NO boss.
        • You don't need an office or a store.
        • You don't need employees.
        • Chatteling can be an ALL CASH  money maker.
        • You don't need a computer (but you'd be a fool not use one).
        • You don't need to let a single living breathing soul know what you're doing.
        • You can "fly low and collect the dough", off everyone's radar screen.

 Just like: 


Michael Ross of Australia found 100 blank plastic video tape boxes for FREE and sold for 100 dollars to a company he found in the yellow pages. 

Sherry Mc. of Atlanta found old Halloween costumes in a box and she cleaned them up, and sold them for $162.00 dollar profit.

Robert P. of Las Vegas bought a small Coleman pop-up camper and drove it to a nearby campground and made $325.00 NET profit.

Benjamin N. of Cleveland specializes in Remote Control cars that get tossed out and he puts in a new battery and sells them at school. Smart Kid.

Many people choose NOT to use ONLINE auctions or online classifeds to sell their chattel, prefering instead to do it OFFLINE. They run ads in newspapers, so-called penny savers, trading publications, mini-merchants and local classified ads, etc. Once you understand what is going on in the real world YOU could profit from personal and/or corporate property starting today.

The Beginner's New GUIDE to Chatteling gives you everything you need to start cashing in TODAY.  

The INTRODUCTION introduces you to some of the psychology of Chatteling. Once in awhile you'll read about the woman who sold her husband's '65 Vette for a few hundred dollars, to get some revenge. OUCH!

This kind of emotional selling happens everyday due to changes in people's lives. Also in the introduction you'll discover the ONE CARDINAL RULE for chatteling. Once you have fully grasped this one concept, you could be making money within minutes of reading this report.

You will also find a concept known as The Parade of Life, which explains why Chatteling is so lucrative, always has been, and always will be.

You will see these 3 words:

    • Impulsive
    • Impatient
    • Immediate

And you'll find them to be the key motivating factors for finding great deals that put money in your bank account. Just like:


Woody Quinonesof FL bought a knife sharpener similar to the one pictured for 120 dollars and sold it on eBay for $750.00 for over a 600 buck profit.

Raymond C. was given an old car, a 96' Chev. Caprice Classic with 85,000 actual miles, and will NET over $1,000.00 on it.

Ken W. bought a Vera Bradley handbag like one of these at his local resale shop for a buck. These sell on eBay between 42 and 80 dollars with 10 bucks for shipping. Check it out, then RUN to your nearest thrift store.

CHAPTER ONE : In the first chapter you'll find the 7 TOOLS of Chatteling;

      1. Computer and Internet. An Internet connection will open the doors to fantastic profits.
      2. Notebook, pens and markers (highlighters), once you start using these tools, you'll find plenty of profits. 
      3. Online maps and offline Maps, you'll learn where in your neck of the woods to look for great deals.
      4. A telephone and/or a cell phone, puts the power of mobility into your chatteling efforts.
      5. Phone book, use one of the many that are delivered to build your network.
      6. Newspapers, trader pubs, advertising sheets of your area.
      7. Scissors and tape or a stapler. You'll put together your own personal scrapbook of chatteling deals.

And you will be shown how these tools lead you to fantastic profits. You'll see a MAP of Northeast Ohio. This map is an example and you will learn one of the great secrets of Chatteling: Over HERE, Over THERE.

You will then do a search for those tools that are in your neck of the woods. USE the Internet with these offline publications and you'll be astounded at how much "stuff" (chattel) is for sale in America every single day.

CHAPTER TWO : is the Quick Start Guide . Here you'll actually do a search for certain kinds of chattel, and then you'll be shown how to find the "market value" of that chattel.

Once you have mastered this Over HERE, Over THERE technique to find value, you can do it with ANY kind of chattel you find and know within minutes if there is an item that is UNDER market value that affords you a profit.

You'll see for yourself that there are items worth over $2,000.00 that can be stuffed into the back seat of a Yugo by a 10 year old girl. Stuff that is easy to carry, easy to find, and easy to sell.

Like Phyllis P. of OH who bought an old bed for 100 dollars and sold it for over $400.00 with a FREE ad on Craigslist.  

OR Rebecca K. a college student who sold text books she bought from other students and made a nice profit.
OR T.R. who bought computers at eBay from his city and sold them locally for over 500% profit.

CHAPTER THREE : The A to Z list of potential networkers and buyers and sellers. From Alterations to Zoo. From Bikes to Wine.

This chapter puts your tools to work. You'll be getting organized for future profits and you'll find people in your area that are literally standing around waiting for you to come into their shops. And when you do, you could walk out with pockets bulging from the cash they give you.

Consignment shops. Games. Sports Cards. Comic books. The list goes on and on.

You'll learn how a 16 year old kid makes up to hundreds of dollars a week by buying games at school and taking them to a shop to sell. Why can't you do this too? You could.

CHAPTER FOUR : What to buy. Most people who start chatteling professionally are confused about what to buy. This chapter is going to rid you of any "what to buy" confusion you may have. You'll find out exactly what to buy and know before you buy it, how much profit you can expect it to return.

You'll learn the three magic words that get you off to the perfect start for YOU.

We are all different, so it is important to do things YOUR way, or else you'll lose interest and quit. So start right, start what's right for you.

Like Randy N. of MN who bought a used set of golf clubs for 75 dollars at an estate sale and got over $300.00 credit at a 2nd Swing golf store.
OR John Mc. from out West, who picked up unwanted appliances for FREE and fixed them up and made between 200 and 400 dollars a week.

OR millionaire Harvey Brody who finds clocks that don't work at Flea Markets and has someone fix them up and they are then worth hundreds and sometimes THOUSANDS of dollars. 

CHAPTER FIVE : The "Report within a Report ". Here is a special insertion that shows you how to elevate your game right away. This special insertion shows you how to put the average American's take home pay into your pocket with a few hours of work.

Imagine making as much in half a day as MOST Americans make in a week?

Find out why so many people want to own their own business, and when they do, their nightmares begin. Anyone can chattel. 9 year old kids can easily carry thousands of dollars of chattel in their little RED wagons. 88 year old Grandpas can do it.  YOU can do it too.

This special report within a report comes from a prior work called, The Chattel Report, the Sprint to Freedom.

HEY, you don't have to chattel forever, do it just long enough until you have the cash you need to start your own business or attend one of those expensive workshops or seminars on Internet marketing. Even if your business fails, you can always fall back on Chatteling to get a very quick and easy cash flowing going.


 CHAPTER SIX :  Online resources for you to see. IF you had any doubts about how much chattel is being exchanged, these should eliminate any doubt in your mind. And each of the 15 sites in this chapter have hundreds of similar sites when you do a google search on them.

Collectibles. Overstocks. Discontinued. Specialty Auctions.

You could make an above average income if you were to specialize in one of these categories.

Chapter six is an eye popper. So many people have written to me saying, "I never knew chatteling was so huge."  And when you learn how to search craigslist and some of the other resources, you'll get so excited about the money making potential you'll probably give a little WHOOP of joy.

CHAPTER SEVEN : You will see a single piece of paper, called a HOTSHEET that has been in force over a decade and every week it keeps pumping profits like your heart pumps blood. And you will be encouraged to "copycat" this HOTSHEET in your area. NO one that I know of is using something like this to FIND things to sell, and more important, finding people with CASH in their hands just waiting to see what you have for sale this week.

YOUR area is begging for one of these HOTSHEETS.  I'll gladly show you how to capture your area and become the "go to" person when it comes to buying and selling chattel.



J.F.(Jim) Straw of GA has been "chatteling" for over half a century, and has made a fortune just snooping around. Jim has written a report on chatteling and combined with his other reports, including Finder's Fees , well, it is must have stuff. Check it out at the link below:

Danny H. of Akron makes a killing in guns. It is not uncommon for him to make $100.00 profit per transaction and do several a day at gun shows.

Pamela L. of Los Angeles bought a VW bug when she went home to Kansas, and then drove it back and sold it in LA for over a $1200.00 profit.

Bob J. of Buffalo bought 10 snowblowers in April for an average of 50 dollars each. He's selling them for 150. Good job Bob.

Tom O'. in Cincinnati bought a jet ski similar to this for 600 and sold it the same day for 900, not bad making 300 dollars profit while having fun.


CHAPTER EIGHT : Finder's Fees. Superior marketing . Examples of deals that could put over $1,000.00 a day in your pocket. My old friend Jim Straw taught me about Finder's Fees. Now you have to be careful, lots of people find deals, but without the proper protection, and the write "instruments" in place, you could end up NOT making any money.

In this chapter, I'll tell you about variations on the theme of finder's fees, one of which is the option contract, used successfully in real estate every day, and how you can create handshake options with your local businesses.

This is also the chapter you learn about SUPERIOR marketing, and how that helps you sell the most mundane products for the very highest value.

You will be shown examples of SUPERIOR marketing. 

CHAPTER NINE : Value ADDED Chatteling. How to find common things for sale that other people will buy for hundreds of dollars ABOVE market value IF you add this little 12 dollar product to your offer. This AMAZING way of adding value is one of the best kept secrets in Chatteling.

 You can find people in your area, that are hot to trot about this concept.

Consider this: it has been reported that every day in USA there is a new pizza shop about to open...and also, that one has closed too. All you have to do is to keep your eyes peeled (or have your bird dogs and network tuned in) and you could come up with a deal that makes you an easy $500.00 to $1,000.00 in less than a day, like this Hobart mixer:

This piece of Corporate Chattel is HOT:


CHAPTER TEN : Pre-occupations. How to establish INSTANT rapport with buyers and sellers. The elements of your Superior Ads.

This chapter may be the most important thing you will ever read. There is a lot of hype and crap in marketing how to...this chapter takes you back to basics, the STIMULUS-RESPONSE model of marketing.

Everyone wakes up with something on their minds, and when you KNOW what these pre-occupations are, you can custom tailor your promotions and ads and in fact all of your communications, to get you the exact response you are seeking. In most cases with chatteling, this will be the TOP DOLLAR for your stuff.

Learn how to break through the fog of preoccupations and force your prospect to focus in on making a decision to buy from you NOW.

NLP and modern salesmanship are included in this chapter on Pre Occupations.



Joe of PA bought a small boat for 1200 dollars and sold it within a week, using a FREE ad, for $1785.00. NOW Joes spends more time down at the dock.

Mike K. of CO bought a mountain bike for 400 dollars and sold it for 1200, and he simply asked around at his club.

Mary P. had an OLD poker table in her basement. She put it on the front porch, and SOLD if for 75 dollars within an hour. Why HOLD EM?

What have you got in your basement, garage or attic?


CHAPTER ELEVEN : The Winners, the Losers, the Flukes; and my over $12,000.00 out of my own pocket research into Biz-Ops that could save you years of struggle and point in the right direction. Why I believe that Chatteling is the best way for a Newbie to get started in an activity that teaches you all about business, without having to be in business.

My visit to some top sites selling HOW TO information and why I believe Chatteling beats almost all of them hands down; mainly because you can start without a dime in your pocket and could make a thousand dollar profit your first few days of Chatteling.

You'll see where I visited, what I saw and my opinion on these sites. And you will also discover my secret recommendations if you are interested in establishing your Internet business too.

CHAPTER TWELVE : Shifting gears. This chapter is a virtual course in Auto Auctions, with an example of a REAL auction hotsheet, my picks on the hottest cars to bid on, and why.

It is my opinion every person in America of driving age should flip at least one or two cars a year. There is nothing that can bring you a fast $1,000.00 in less time.

CARS are an American obsession. We love cars. This chapter gives you very clear ideas on how YOU can profit from this and do it as quickly as you want.

It is not uncommon to buy a car at an auction on Thursday and sell that car on Sunday for a couple of thousand dollars more than you paid for it. Some have said this chapter alone is worth the cost of the report. I might agree.  

CHAPTER THIRTEEN : Corporate chattel, where the big money roams. A top 10 list from eBay that points you to HOT deals, HOT chattel and ways you could start to make up to several thousand dollars on one Corporate Chattel deal.

Use your MAP and find Corporate Chattel over There and could sell over Here.

From pizza ovens to big Cat earth movers, from used vehicles to computers, corporate America throws out or gives away for pennies it's "used stuff", and when you start dealing with corporate chattel the money really starts to add up.

You'll see examples of corporate chattel that you can get for free and turn around and make a profit on, sweet deals indeed.

Like Karen M. of TN who bought a hand made comforter while on vacation for 35 dollars and put it in a consignment store and NETTED 50 dollars.

AND Jason who bought a professional lawnmower for 300 and sold it a day later for over 800 dollars to a "kid" wanting to start a business.


AND Nancy M. of TX who makes 500 a week buying and selling BABY items, like cribs and high chairs.
All statements are on FILE, these are REAL PEOPLE making REAL DEALS. Why not add your name to the list?


CHAPTER FOURTEEN : (SECRET) This chapter covers, perhaps, the most bought and sold chattel of any kind. Every year MILLIONS of people buy this stuff, only to use it for a short while and then sell it, often for pennies on the dollar of what they paid. YOU can join the parade with this stuff. I guarantee that you have this stuff in your neck of the woods just waiting for you to ACT. Do this and you'll be whistling a happy tune all the way to the bank.

OK. It was a secret, but now I'll tell you what it is. Musical Instruments. Every year thousands of kids join a band, perhaps at school, or in a neighbor's garage.

MUSICAL instruments have scores of niches, and you don't even have to be able to hum in a Kazoo to start making profits from musical instruments.

Your local high school, junior high, even your local elementary school has tons of kids wanting to play an instrument, why not do a few deals and hear the music of jingle jangle cash in your pocket.

CHAPTER FIFTEEN : Motivation. A friendly kick in the seat of your pants. It really is all about YOU.

I'm going to teach you about the Prospect as Product, and then help you get organized for the very fastest start you can make to have a real income coming your way.

BUT WAIT, you are also going to be exposed to several business concepts you probably have never given thought to before. I'll share my 35 years of business experience with you to help you get over the hype and into the profits.

I pack this chapter with places for you to visit, to learn from and to help you decide what is the next step to take.  

The Beginner's New GUIDE to Chattleing is a document that packs more real-life, honest-to-Goodness, workable, doable, realistic money making techniques than products costing a 1000 times as much.

OK. You should be ready to get The Beginner's New GUIDE to Chattleing and remember;

You have a 30 Day NO RISK , 100% money back guarantee .

Get your copy of the GUIDE, start looking for deals.  

Now I've done everything I could possibly do, short of giving you the GUIDE, to explain what is in it, what you can expect to learn from it, and in as plain and simple English as I can write, therefore you've just read a complete description of the product offered. 

The product is a pdf file that you will instantly download upon completion of your transaction.

Gordon says:  if you are ready, then click the button and pay the 97 dollars for your  instant download of The Beginner's New GUIDE to Chatteling.  $49 for Leo Quinn's subscribers until January 1, 2007

CLICK HERE to make your investment using Visa, 
MasterCard, American Express or Paypal.

The Beginner's New GUIDE to Chatteling is an instant download and you could be Chatteling within minutes of reading it.

The Beginner's New GUIDE to Chatteling is an example of my simple but personal life philosophy:

Give a person a fish, you've fed them for the day.

But, teach a person to fish , you've fed them for their lifetime...

NOW let's get together and we'll all FEAST, OK?


Here are some recent deals that I (Gordon Jay Alexander) have recently made:  I found this cassette program at a yard sale and paid a dollar for it and sold on eBay for 12.00 plus 6.95 Shipping.  Item number: 220031238256


Here is a rolling pin I paid 50 cents for and sold on eBay.

I started with $5.00 at a couple of local yard sales.   

Here is an ad I ran for a book (and sold a box of books) on Craigslist and I sold all the books which I got for FREE, for a 75.00 profit.

This menu board was BARTERED for 8 pounds of coffee and some pastries. The pastry I ate, the coffee I gave away to business associates for goodwill.

BARTER is a big part of Chatteling, and you'll learn exactly how to do it too.  Here are some pics of other recent deals, all done in my SPARE time, just a few hours a week, and all of them profitable.  These are just a few of the many things I've sold recently at eBay, Craigslist, in ads and with my HOTSHEET.




The Beginner's Guide to Chatteling has been UPGRADED December 7, 2006.