Let’s Put Our Heads Together and Help…

Tis’ the season of thanks and giving so I thought it would be the perfect time to help one of my readers with a bunch of ideas to help her situation… And who knows, it may just help you too… Sandy writes… I’ve been meaning to email you. I’m a long time customer of yours […]

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Money Mind Games…

I ask this question of my readers periodically… “do you have any “money mind games” you play with yourself or your family to have a better experience with money? As usual I got many fun and interesting replies.  First though here’s a favorite from the past… This money mind game comes from Brigitte… Give your […]

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Finding Local Financial Help…

I’m frequently asked how to find someone local to help with pleasant financial matters…investing money…what to do with large, lump sums etc. I finally wised up and decided to write a blog post about it where I can refer future questioners. Suggestion #1 is: Ask trusted friends in a similar situation for recommendations of financial professionals.   I understand […]

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Save Money With These Plug-Ins

  These three apps will scour the internet looking for savings and coupons on the items you are searching for. You use these plug-ins or add-ons with your browser.  I’ve tested them on Google Chrome but they can also be used on Firefox and Safari. PriceBlink and Honey have these nice descriptive videos explaining how […]

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Did You Know Your Grandparents?

I’ve always considered myself fortunate to have known all four of my grandparents. All were alive when I was graduated from high school in 1986 but only my mother’s mother was still alive by the time I finished college just four years later. To this day I’m not crazy about receiving calls from my father for […]

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Personal Finance Lesson from “The Cosby Show”

I was watching a show on Saturday night which was counting down the funniest moments in TV history. One of the top winners was a clip from “The Cosby Show” way back in the 80s. If you have teenagers I highly recommend it. A Lesson in Finances from The Cosby Show from Family First on […]

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Yesterday I learned of a book called “The YES Frequency” by a guy named Gary Quinn. (no relation) The book isn’t out till September 1st but Amazon allows a look inside so I took it. This excerpt caught my attention… Three minutes of YESing is about 180 yeses…depending on how fast you speak so you’re looking at […]

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Do you need a “Moneytude” adjustment?

If you’re on Facebook you’ve probably noticed something new. Advertisements that appear in your “newsfeed” made to look like they came from a friend. Have you seen them? Is your reaction like these? Some of the language used in these comments is “interesting”.    But the characterization of these ads as “spam” is wrong. Facebook […]

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Find Your Own Free Books For Kindle

Last July I explained how you could find the books that Amazon was offering FREE for Kindle readers each day. The problem with Amazon’s list is that it only lists the top 100 in each category.  Today I’ll explain how to find free books that interest you. Start at Amazon.com and choose the Kindle Department. […]

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“My opinion is the source of all my suffering”

“My opinion is the source of all my suffering” That was the last line of a video I was listening to by a guy named Matthew Ferry, a sales trainer and “happiness expert”. I actually backed up the video so I could write it down and think about it. “My opinion is the source of all my […]

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