This will save us some money…

by Leo on July 8, 2010

I was doing some surfing on today.

I was looking at books in categories where I already own DOZENS of similar ones.  There is probably nothing new in any of these books but they are new and different to me and therefore “better”?  Probably not but our minds like us to think that.

The reviews are often a big factor in whether or not I buy a book.

Based on what you are searching for Amazon makes recommendations on other books you might like.  As you might expect I already own some of the suggestions.

Today I looked at the reviews of one of the books I already owned and hadn’t looked at in years.  I got all excited about the book again and walked over to my shelf and began to read it.    $12.21 saved.

So, if you are like me and are surrounded by books on topics you continue to buy, head on over to Amazon and read the reviews of some you already own.

Send me half your savings and everyone will be happy!

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