Get Paid To Lose

by Leo on July 22, 2014

Wanna bet?

I read an interesting article last week about a
unique way to keep yourself motivated
to reach your goals.

You make a bet.

The focus of this particular article was weight loss
but I’m sure it can be adapted for other goals.

There are apps and websites that will let you make
a bet as to how much weight you will lose by a
certain date.

“Bet $25 that you will lose 4% of your body weight in
30 days” for example.

If you make it, you win $25…if not, your $25 goes to
people who did reach their goal.

Two players in this space are PACT and DIET BET














Another one is called Nexercise

“Compete against your friends to complete challenges
and earn medals”.

I can’t help but think there are ways this idea could be adapted
to help you reach other goals.

What politician/group/cause do you dislike?

Write a check to them for $100 or some other amount that
would hurt.

Give that check to a trusted friend or family member in an
addressed, stamped and sealed envelope.

Instruct them to drop it in the mail if you don’t achieve X
by a certain date.

And I encourage you to make your goals ACTION oriented
rather than results oriented.

I will make 25 phone calls.

I will send 100 emails

I will do 100 pushups

I will send 10 resumes

I will eat 5 fruits a day

Goals should be stuff you can control which when achieved
could reasonably be expected to help get you where you want
to go.

Another idea to help you reach your goals is to start your
own blog about it.

Erica Stone calls this a “Monetized Life”.

She suggests you start a blog and write
about what happens in your regular
life and link to products and services
for which you will be paid a commission.

The idea isn’t that only your friends and relatives
will click the links and you’ll get a commission.

The bigger goal is to get GOOGLE to notice your
site and rank your article high in their search
results so perfect strangers will read your
stuff, click your links and earn you a commission.

Click here to learn more about Erica’s new program.

Don’t think your life is interesting enough?

How about these ideas…

You watch a movie or two this weekend?… You could
write about that!

Watched a TV show you hated?…You could write
about that!

You cooked some meals… Tried different pots, pans or
infomercial items?…You could write about that!

Get some good deals while shopping?…Type away!

Call to get a lower rate on your cable bill? That’s an article!

Visit a local tourist attraction…great experience on an airline
…first time using one of those fancy new toilets?

All fodder for interesting articles on your blog.

Erica even shows you how to make “Yard Work” interesting!

She covers how to create titles to attract Google, use photos
and more!

The program also covers how to use get traffic which is a
basic requirement to turn this into an income stream for you.

AND MOST IMPORTANT, Erica shows you how to
MONETIZE your blog in a natural way that isn’t salesy.

There is one slight hitch if you live in Arkansas, Colorado,
Maine, Minnesota, Missouri, or Rhode Island.

The fastest way to “monetize your life” is using the affiliate program. Unfortunately Amazon
does not allow affiliates in those states at the moment.

It’s still possible to earn commissions on other products
and services but I wanted to be sure you were clear on this
if you live in those states.

Otherwise, turn your life into a moneymaker starting today.

The price right now is under $17 but it’s one of those pesky
promos where the price goes UP every few sales, so go grab
it now.

And yes, I do earn a commission if you decide to buy using
my link. I practice what I preach.

Send me your receipt and I’ll let you know how I monetize
Facebook just about every day which earns me $50-$100
a month, typically.

Make it a great day!

Thank you,



Watch me earn 45 cents!

by Leo on June 13, 2014

I know,  I know you won’t be able to sleep now that you know the secret to making 45 cents in a couple minutes but if you’re looking for a way to get started making some extra money this is an option.

First, credit for this idea goes to Kyle at and I just had the thought…wouldn’t it be better to be known as the FiverHoarder or the TennerHoarder or the TwentyHoarder or the HundredHoarder?

Anyway, he mentioned this idea and I decided to flesh it out with video for my readers.

The video is about 15 minutes long but you can change the speed up to twice as fast.

See the pic below for how to do that.

Click on the GEAR looking thing and you can make the video 1.5x faster or 2x faster.
(The “gear” appears after you start the video)

If you think I already speak too fast you can make the video slower and I’ll sound drunk. (I just now listened to it at half speed and it’s VERY funny…I sound REALLY drunk)

You may also want to make the screen bigger so you can see things a bit better though blurrier.

Click on the box farthest to the right.  (NOTE to enlarge the screen you’ll have to be watching the video on the actual Youtube site.  To get there,  click the YouTube logo on the far lower right.)






The links related to the video are…  (An division)

Frankly, I’m not sure how this works for people who aren’t U.S. citizens but if you figure it out, please let me know and I’ll update this post.

{Thanks to reader Christine L for this… You asked for info about how non-US persons could work for Mechanical Turk. Here it is: The information is at the bottom of the page. Apparently, anyone can do this, but if they are not Americans, they must fill out a non-resident tax form. Americans living outside the US, funnily enough, are not eligible to work there. Go figure…}

You’re not going to get rich doing this but using the Reddit site you’ll find gigs that aren’t complete time sucks.

Look at it this way…earning $2-$3 a day, perhaps while you’re doing some mindless TV watching or something else equals $60-$90 a month.

That is money you could use to speed up your debt elimination program…maybe it pays for data on your smart phone…make it a tangible goal and then login every day and make some money….”I’ll be back in 15 I have to go earn my cable TV bill!”

Let me know how this works for you.

If you’ve never earned money outside a “normal” job this will be extra fun for you.


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