My $7000+ Lesson in March

by Leo on April 3, 2016

You may have seen me mention my “30 Day Experiment” project this year.

In January I learned a new Polish word every day.

In February I was gluten-free.

In March I attended 31 different networking events.  

Look at this mess of a calendar…


Prior to March I hadn’t attended a total of 5 in my entire life so this was WAY out of my comfort zone.

I’m one of those who is more comfortable in front of 200 rather than 2.

Anyway, my goal for the month was to expose my OFFLINE business to new people.  

I’ve spent thousands of dollars over the years getting the word out about my business using email and regular mail but this was my first real push to get out and talk to real live people…you know…the ones who have the money!

I wish I’d started this 10 years ago but I highly recommend you start talking to real people if you want to increase your income.

Here’s my “networking” advice based on my experiences last month…

Skip the “mixers”

These are events where alcohol is involved.   There is no way for you to introduce yourself to the whole group so you’re stuck talking to people you already know or people you walk up and start talking to or vice versa.  

Maybe you like that sort of approach but I do not.

If loud music is involved, forget it!

-Forget about you.  

Go in with the intent to learn about what the other person wants.  In the case of business networking they want more business so listen for opportunities to help them.

I went in looking for listings I could add to my local birthday website.  I don’t charge for listings so the only thing I was “selling” was exposure for their business.

Now, the fact is most businesses don’t have a birthday special so I spent most of the time explaining how they could come up with a birthday deal to offer their customers and why it was a good idea.

I was proving my value in a non-threatening way.

-Don’t be afraid to be the only one attending an event.

I used to find events, and simply Googled “networking events Albany, NY”

In many cases I could see how many were going to attend.

Since I had a goal of 31 such events to attend in March I went to any that made sense and sometimes I was the only one who did attend.

That’s great.  

You’re now on the radar of someone who plans events and thus knows a lot of people.  They’re also grateful to you for being the only one who showed up.


If I got a business card from someone, I asked them their birthday since mine is a birthday themed website and I followed up with an offline letter asking that they let me know when they came up with a birthday offer I could add to my birthday club website.

That got me several phone calls and appointments with potential clients for my offline business.

On their birthday I will send them a birthday card with a lottery ticket enclosed.  I’ll remind them where we met and about my website.  

How many people do you think, of all the ones they’ve met at networking events, ever sent them a REAL LIVE birthday card in the mail?

If the number is more than zero I’d be surprised!

Which leads me to…

-Have a hook!

You gotta be different.  You gotta be different.  You gotta be different.

Some groups limit professions so you’d be the only real estate agent at the event but most do not so you might be one of several people in your same profession.  

You have to have something that makes you different and memorable.

I attended separate events hosted by different Mutual of Omaha agents.

G said to J, I heard you met Leo!

J said “who?”

G said, “the birthday guy!”

J said “oh yeah!”

There are worse things to be remembered for than being the birthday guy or gal.

I have too many hooks.

Last month it was the “31 networking events in 31 days” hook that interested people and made them curious.  

Most groaned at the thought of doing it themselves but many had questions like “how do you find so many”?

The emphasis on birthday marketing was a hook.  There are lots of “marketing” people attending events but NONE focus on birthdays to get their feet in the door.

And if that wasn’t enough to stand out in a crowd, I could also pull out my “find a twenty” project where I hide $20 bills in the area and post clues on my Facebook page.

That makes heads explode…”you do what?…why?”

You gotta be different.

People walk around these events (and in life) in a daze of get more business…get more money…pretend to be interested in others…what’s in it for me?…me me me me.

Spend some time figuring out how you can be DIFFERENT and memorable.

Maybe you hand everyone you meet a business card and a scratch off lottery ticket and your message is “don’t gamble with____” whatever your product or service is.  

When you follow up you can mention the lottery ticket and inquire about whether it was a winner.  

No state lottery?   Does a neighboring state have one?  Get some tickets from there.

Have a friend from a state with a lottery send you some.

If you hand out a winner and it’s a small amount give them the cash and take the ticket back so they don’t have to go to some other state to cash it.

I’m not going to tell you that your lottery ticket purchases would then be tax deductible as a marketing expense but they may be!  

Check with competent tax professionals.

You’re probably wondering about the results.

At the end of March 2016 I had picked up two clients for my marketing business… a jeweler and a chiropractor.

A total of $600+ in value and cash every month.

That’s a yearly value of over $7000….assuming they remain clients for a year.

I picked up the chiro on March 30th…I was talking to her about birthday marketing before a meeting started at 7AM and I was in her office at 10AM.  

My services were LITERALLY the answer to her “request to the universe” or prayers for business help.

That’s nice and something I NEVER would have gotten sitting behind my computer.

So, my advice to those who want to earn more income….get out of the house or office and meet more people.

Be memorable and helpful and good things are bound to happen!

If you like the idea of the birthday club website click here to learn about how you can use that idea to make more money in your area.

Thanks for reading and go talk to people!

Leo Quinn

P.S.  A birthday club website is perfect for any person looking for a fun and profitable business opportunity…any person who already sells to business owners (a birthday website is a great conversation starter)…any business owner or network marketer who wants a bunch of free advertising for their business (once you get it up and running, hundreds a people a month could see your business advertised on the site)


P.P.S.  If you live in WA, OH, TX or MD check with me before signing on to make sure your area is not taken.  


A Fun Project For The New Year…

by Leo on December 26, 2015


As we get closer to the new year, I’ve decided to try something new every month in 2016 and I invite you to do the same.

I’m calling these “30 day experiments” even though some months are longer or shorter than 30 days.

I will also have one year-long experiment.

The year-long experiment is business related…I’ll be sending a piece of “snail mail” every day…in my case it will be “lumpy” mail meaning there will be something included in the package which makes it lumpy… a pen is an example of something in an envelope which makes it lumpy.

Pens are too boring for me…I prefer to send things like Easy Buttons and real, live working cell phones in my lumpy mail.

If you are in any sort of business, you should folllow along and get some good ideas!

As for the monthly experiments I have several in mind for 2016…

I want to learn a Polish word or phrase each day for a month so I can find out what my sister-in-law is saying about me!  🙂

I want to give vegetarianism a try for a month…my 14 year old nephew has been a self-imposed vegetarian since he was at least 5 so I figure I can try it for a month.

I want to cut out carbs.

I want to get up at 5AM every day.

I might give cold showers a try….MIGHT.

Some of these will require planning…

I won’t do the 5 am wake up in the dead of winter when it’s cold…July seems like a good month for that.

Don’t want to miss out on burgers and hot dogs during summer parties so being a vegetarian when it’s cold out makes sense.

Cut out carbs? Not during a month with a family birthday party so March is looking good for that.

For January 2016, I have decided to learn a Polish word or phrase each day.

Życz mi szczęścia!

If you want to join in the experimenting fun, LIKE the Facebook page I started and keep us posted on what you’re doing and how it’s going.



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